Book on Personal Data Protection Act of India

Naavi has just published a book on Personal Data Protection Act of India (PDPA 2020). The book is presently available in E Book format through Amazon.  The amazon link is available here:

Link to Amazon

The print version is in progress and expected to be available by February 15th.

This book has been written taking into account the version of the Personal Data Protection Act which is now available as a Bill (PDPA2019).

The reason why this book has been published now even before the Act has been passed is to ensure that our Parliamentarians will have an un-distorted detailed presentation of the Act along with some in depth discussions which should help in a fair debate in the legislative houses.

At the same time, the professionals in the industry can start working on preparing for the implementation without waiting for the day when it is officially declared as “Notified”.

It is unlikely that there will be major changes to the bill when it is passed. Whatever changes are there, would be discussed in the website and disseminated.  The changes would be also included in the next versions of the book .



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