UK DPA2018

Following the footsteps of GDPR, UK which is presently under its BREXIT Plan, has enacted a revised Data Protection Act to replace its earlier version of Data Protection Act 1998.

This new act which is termed Data Protection Act 2018 (UK-DPA2018) incorporates GDPR into its own legislation though UK is today an independent Country outside the EU (The Process of separation may be completed on 29th March 2019.

For Indian companies, the DPA 2018 is very important since most Indian Companies have establishments in UK even for managing their EU country operations. Hence this Act is more relevant than GDPR itself though it may not make much difference due to the integration of GDPR with DP 2018. UK is therefore becoming the gateway for GDPR entering into India.

We therefore need to discuss UK DPA 2018 as a key international legislation that affects Indian operations.

A copy of the Data Protection Act is available here.

The Act will be discussed through articles in the articles section.