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Privacy.ind.in is being promoted by Na.Vijayashankar, founder of www.naavi.org, more popularly known as Naavi. He is a pioneer in Cyber Law domain in India. He is an author of many Books on Cyber Law and a visiting faculty in many law institutions though he is not a lawyer.

Naavi is mainly a compliance consultant based in Bangalore and has many web initiatives described elsewhere. (The objectives of this site has been explained here.)

naavi_lectureNaavi has over 40 years of industry experience having started his career as a Banker in 1973. He also has substantial Financial Marketing experience for over a decade. He also has journalistic and teaching experience and has authored several books on Cyber Laws.

After nearly 3 decades of work experience, Naavi turned into an entrepreneur and pioneered several web related activities making him today a thought leader on the E Commerce and E Governance scenario. His boquet of services such as Cyber Law College, Cyber Evidence Archival Services, Online Arbitration Service, etc have made him a unique practitioner in the area of “Cyber Dispute Management”.

Naavi has also been a Netizen Activist trying to provide guidance to the Government, the Law Enforcement and public on various Cyber Law related issues. He has been a member of some Government Committees, done extensive training of the Police and Judiciary and represented Cyber Crime victims in Adjudication and Cyber Appellate Tribunal. He is a visiting faculty in a number of premier Law schools/Colleges in India and several other professional training institutes.

Naavi is a pioneer in ITA 2008 compliance consultancy in India and also a leading HIPAA compliance consultant. His thoughts on  “Regulated Anonymity” as a solution to the Privacy Vs Security conundrum has been an indicator of his innovative approach to problem solving.

Privacy Knowledge Center is an initiative which represents Naavi’s commitment to ensure that India does not lag behind the world in complying with the emerging global Privacy and Data Protection Standards though India does have a completely different and more linient Privacy Culture when compared to the US or EU.

A list of the network of services and websites representing the different activities of Naavi is given below.


Cyber Evidence Archival Center: www.ceac.in

Online Arbitration/Mediation: www.odrglobal.in

Global Forum of ODR Professionals: www.ujvala.in

Ombudsman Services: www.e-ombudsman.in

Information Assurance: www.information-assurance.in

HIPAA India : www.hipaa-india.com

Cyber Notice: www.cyber-notice.in

Verify For Look Alikes www.lookalikes.in

Legal BPO: www.naavi.net

Cyber Insurance: www.cyberinsurance.org.in


Cyber Law College : www.cyberlawcollege.com

Domaineering: Domaineering.org


Ujvala Consultants Private Limited : www.ujvala.com

Additional Information on Naavi is available here