Recent Developments in PrivacyProtection in India

For some time, the articles on Privacy which were posted in were not cross posted here.

We are updating the posts now.

These posts cover the period of September, October, November and December 2018 and early January 2019.

During this time, there was the Aadhaar judgement which had an impact on Privacy in India, the Personal Data Protection Act 2018.


Date Title
26/9/2018 Aadhaar Judgement is welcome
28/9/2018 Don’t Ask Aadhaar Number. Ask Virtual ID. It is permitted
29/9/2018 Data Protection Professionals in India… here is your organization..for you to build…
2/10/2018 Facebook data breach, punctures the argument against Data Localization
4/10/2018 Aadhaar Judgement…1… Debate the areas where clarity is required.
5/10/2018 Aadhaar Judgement….2.. The Answers and Conclusions of the majority
5/10/2018 Aadhaar Judgement..3.. Data retention limit of 6 months..
5/10/2018 Aadhaar Judgement…4… Making the life of law enforcement difficult…
5/10/2018 Aadhaar Judgement-5…Collection of Metadata
5/10/2018 Aadhaar Judgement-6.. Joint Secretary is too junior?
5/10/2018 Aadhaar Judgement-7… Can the Private Sector use Aadhaar for Authentication?
5/10/2018 Aadhaar Judgement-8: Limited use
5/10/2018 Aadhaar Judgement-9: Definition of Personal Information revised?
6/10/2018 Aadhar Judgement-10: Let us debate the changes required in PDPA 2018
11/10/2018 FDPPI submits its Comments on PDPA 2018
15/10/2018 Let Data Protection Law of India define the Instrument creating a Data Fiduciary
 5/11/2019  Anti Data Localization Lobby and Anti Aadhaar lobby working to push PDPA Bill to the June Session?
28/11/2018 UK DPA strikes at Uber: Delivers a lesson in Password construction
1/1/2019 Naavi’s Data Trust Score Model unleashed in the New year2/11/2019 
2/1/2019 Naavi’s 5×5 Data Trust Score System… some clarifications

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