A New Initiative from Naavi on Privacy

PRIVACY.IND.IN  is dedicated to the service of Indian Companies to be compliant with the Privacy Regulations as would be relevant to the Indian IT and BPO companies.

In particular it would provide information on global Privacy Regulatory frameworks such as the GDPR, Privacy Shield, the BCR, SCC etc. besides closely following the developments in India.

This is an initiative from Na.Vijayashankar, more popularly known as Naavi and the promoter of www.naavi.org.

For those who may not be aware, it has been a mission for me to drive ITA 2008 compliance and HIPAA Compliance in the Indian context. Towards this goal, I have been a  HIPAA consultant in India assisting Indian Health Care companies towards achieving compliance to HIPAA-HITECH Act regulations if they are exposed to the US health data and ITA 2008 compliance where the health data is classified as “Sensitive Personal Information”, as also FDA-CFR compliance where necessary.

With the replacement of the EU-US safe harbor arrangement last year and the introduction of the Privacy Shield mechanism in replacement, the EU-US data transfer and processing business has undergone a significant change.

Simultaneously, the General Data Protection Regime that has been ushered in by European Union, has resulted in a major revision of the Privacy Protection and Data Protection requirements applicable to EU exposed Indian Companies.

In continuation of the earlier efforts of my drive towards a Cyber Law Compliance regime in India, this website will be disseminating information regarding the Privacy compliance requirements in India.


23rd, September 2016

This site is under development and visitors may excuse me for any incomplete pages.

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